We always make sure you have access to the best waves at the finest surf Beach of the Day. You can stay informed about the current beach by checking our updates on Twitter.

We always make sure you have access to the best waves at the finest surf Beach of the Day. You can stay informed about the current beach by checking our updates on Twitter.

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Best beach to surfing

Jærkysten consists of many different beaches and these beaches capture waves and wind in their own special way, depending on which direction they face.

For example, Brusand beach has a southern beach front, it picks up waves better from a southern direction. If there are very small waves from the south, it will only be Brusand that can be surfed on, because Bore and Hellestø beach cannot catch these waves.

Waves can also be too big for one beach, but suitable for another. Wind direction is also very important, ideally it should be completely windless, but next to that, offshore wind is the best, because it cleans the waves.

All these factors require a lot of knowledge about local surf beaches and are very important for a good day of surfing. At surfschool.no, we take this seriously and travel on the beach that we believe is the best beach to surf on the day in question, we publish this information on our Twitter account the day before we have opening hours at the beach. 

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Opening hours

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00 from the first weekend of March until the last weekend of November.

Open every day during Easter holiday 1. april - 10. april  from 10:00 til 18:00.

From Saturday 20. mai to 20. August 2023 is surfschool.no open every day from 10:00 to 18:00

Open all holidays from March to November.

Surfing courses or rental of surfing equipment outside our opening hours are by arrangement.

Contact us +47 911 26 489 or surfschool.no@gmail.com

Surfschool.no's motto is:

"In the sweat of your face you shall eat your bread"

This means that you as a customer get a good product at a reasonable price.

Today's beach on Twitter​

Information about which beach we will be on will be posted on Twitter, no later than 19:00 each day we are open.

Our courses







No registration is required for collective courses or rental of equipment, you just have to turn up. 

Attendance every Saturday and Sunday* at 10:00 and every day during summer seasons on the current beach of the day. 


You can easily and safely book surfing courses in advance.
at 12.00 on the current beach of the day. 

Surfing courses include the rental of surf equipment and an instructor.


Decide the day and time yourself

And keep at it as long as you want

Contact us for



Also an instructor

Especially good deals for schools, organizations and others who want fixed deals for larger groups and want to decide the day and time themselves.

SURF COURS with transport



Also an instructor

The entire experience, including transportation to and from Stavanger port, will take approximately 3 - 4 hours. We understand the value of your time and aim to make the most out of every minute you spend with us.

Wetsuit, shoes, gloves,
hood and surfboard




The best surfing beach is assessed based on wind and wave conditions.

Check Twitter here for daily

Et unikt tilbud
til folkehøyskoler

Vi tilbyr folkehøyskoler med overnatting hos Holmavatn Ungdoms og Misjonssenter aktiviteter hos surfschool.no!


For booking eller spørsmål
Ring/SMS på 911 26 489 eller surfschool.no@gmail.com

Or make a reservation via our booking system

All of our instructors have a minimum of 200 hours of practice and annual repetitive lifesaving courses 


What is included in drop-in surf courses?

Everything! All you need is included in the price, i.e. surfboard, wetsuit, shoes, gloves, cap and instruction, and not only that, you can surf for as long as you like after the course.

What do I learn on the beginner's course?

Våre dyktige instruktører lærer deg viktig sikkerhet du trenger som nybegynner, i tillegg lærer du å beregne og fange en bølge i hvit-skummet og etterhvert reise deg å stå på brettet mens du surfer. Våre instruktører har fokus på at teori og praksis skal gå “hånd i hanske”. Vi vil ikke overrumple deg med for mye avansert surfe-teori første ganger du surfer. Vi vil at du skal fokusere på det viktigste, og hva du fysisk har mulighet for å oppnå på 1 dag. Du kan så klart spør oss om mer avansert surfing når du føler du er klar for det. Våre instruktører er alltid klar til å hjelpe deg!

How do I get to the beach you are on?

Surfschool.no vil alltid være på dagens beste surfestrand, de fleste strender vi er på er innen 30 minutter rekkevidde fra Stavanger og 20 minutters rekkevidde fra Sandnes om du kjører bil. Dessverre finnes det ingen offentlig transport ut til strendene vi bruker og det blir for langt å gå, så du bør ha tilgang til et kjøretøy.

How can I pay?

Det er mulig å bestille og betale et Booking surfekurs via vårt bookingsystem. De andre kursene kan du betale med kort eller vipps ved henting av utstyr.

What should I bring?

Bring a good wind/rain jacket, towel, preferably a chocolate, soda, and a good mood. 

How can I find out which beach surfschool.no is on?

Surfschool.no legger ut informasjon om dagens surfe strand, dagen før på Twitter. Du finner link på surfschool.no, du trenger ikke være registrert på Twitter to enter the link.

Can the surf course be canceled?

Yes! Surfschool.no reserves the right to cancel/close at short notice if, for safety reasons, we find it inadvisable to stay open or hold courses. Surfschool.no may also be closed at short notice if the waves are too small.

Do I need to book in advance to join the Drop-in surfing course?

Nei, du kan bare møte opp, enkelt og greit. Vi har alltid plass til deg!


Surfschool was started in 1997 to attract customers to a local boarding house. The boarding house did not do so well and was therefore closed down. The same was the case with Surfschool. Surfschool started up again in January 2001, and has since served many thousands of satisfied customers.

Surfschool Norway AS is today the largest provider of wave surfing courses, and rental of surfing equipment in Norway.

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Folgefonna summer skiing, Trolltunga, plums in Hardanger, sunset surfing on Jæren, Lysefjorden, Preikestolen, Kjerag, SUP & Kayak in Frafjord, Farsund, Sjøsanden Mandal... Surf-camper car from surfschool.no

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