The coast of Jæren consists of many different beaches, and each of these beaches are different in terms of wind and waves. For instance, Brusand has a very Southerly beach front, which means that it works best when there is a swell coming from the South. If there is a small southerly swell, it will be possible to surf at Brusand because other beaches like Bore and Hellestø won’t be able to capture any of these waves. Waves can also be too big for one beach, but work for another. The wind direction is also very important, ideally it should be wind-still, or offshore wind because offshore wind creates clean waves. There are many factors to consider about the beaches, swell and wind-direction in order to have a good day of surfing. At we take this seriously and go to the beach that we consider to be the best one on the relevant day. We publish what beach we are at the day before.
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